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Patient Specific Implants

Patient Specific Implants

Persona Knee System

Persona knee makes knee replacement more personalized than ever by focusing on the unique needs of each patient, surgeon and institution.
Extensive clinical studies were conducted with the leading orthopaedic implant company to develop the Persona experience.

Knee-ImplantPersona Knee features include:

  • Innovative morphologic knee implant designs
  • Comprehensive sizing with tighter increments
  • Side-specific kinematics
  • Differential conformity articulation
  • Cruciate Retaining and Posterior Stabilized philosophies
  • Integrated intelligent instruments

Patient Specific Instruments

Patient Specific Instruments are instruments that are designed individually to ensure that the surgical cuts to the bone are perfect as the anatomy of each patient is unique. An MRI of your knee is taken and sent to the manufacturer of knee implants. The MRI is used to make the instruments that are then shipped to us in time for your surgery.
Thus for more accurate fitting of the artificial joint this advance technique is used your customised operation specially. This entire process makes your surgery more simpler and easier also ensures faster recovery and more durable result.

Pre-OP X-Ray Computer Model 3D

Osteoarthritis Patient With Varus Deformity of Knees

MRI Generated 3D Model Image of The Knee

The patient specific instruments for knee replacement surgery

X-Rays shows optimal alignment of the implants