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Case Studies

Both Knees, Both Shoulders & Right Hip Replacement

Joint replacement surgeries can bring dramatic changes in the quality of life. With modern techniques, world class implants and better pain management techniques one can do these surgeries

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High Tibial Osteotomy (HTO)

HTO is an effective and biological treatment for the management of early medial compartment arthritis. It involves correcting the mechanical axis of the knee joint by doing osteotomy of Proximal Tibia. The advantages of this

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Fractures around Knee Joint

Fracture around knee joint are usually seen in young individuals following accidents. As knee is weight bearing joints, so any deficiency is managing these fractures properly can lead to pain

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Knee Surgery for Deformity Correction

13 year old boy was having grossly deformed knee due to malnutrition in childhood. The patient was undertaken for Knee surgery and deformity correction was done.

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Bilateral Total Knee Replacement

These are the x-rays of a severely deformed in an elderly who was unable to perform her day to day routine. Total knee replacement of both her knees not just corrected her deformity but also made her mobile and active.

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Primary complex Total Knee Replacement

62 years old lady with stage 4 Osteoarthritis with gross deformity of her knee joint Managed with deformity correction & Total Knee replacement. Total Knee Replacement

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