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Knee Replacement Surgery Cost In Delhi

Dr. Shekhar Srivastav, a renowned orthopedic surgeon having 27+ years of knee and shoulder replacement experience, offers the most competitive and cost-effective Knee Replacement Surgery in Delhi NCR, India.

Types of Implants

Conventional Implants:

These knee implants are made of metal components for the femur and the tibia and are long-lasting and provide a reasonable range of motion however sitting cross-legged after surgery would not be advised. The range of motion of the knee with this implant is at least 90 degrees.

knee Implants

Hi-Flex Implants:

Hi-Flex Implants are a slightly more advanced design of implants as compared to conventional knee replacement implants. In these implants, the hi-flexion capabilities allow a person to sit cross-legged but squatting is generally not advised.  Please discuss the activities one can pursue after surgery with your doctor.

Gender Implants:

Given that male anatomy and female anatomy are very different, we have special knee implants that are made specifically for women. These implants are also high-flexion and as a result, give a very natural feel. Patients are delighted with the results of these implants.

Persona Implants:

This is the most advanced knee system available today in which the knee joint is matched specifically to your knee’s anatomical size and gives the most natural feel to the patient. Long-term results and clinical studies have been very impressive for this implant as well.

Trabecular Metal

Trabecular MetalTrabecular Metal is an element called Tantalum in the periodic table and is an advanced type of metal that is used for revision implants where the person has weak bones and needs an implant that will help support the bone deficiency and improve growth of the bone.

The reason Trabecular Metal can do these things is because it has a molecular structure that is almost identical to bone. As a result, the bone will grow on this metal as if it were bone itself.

Cost of Knee Replacement Surgery & Implant

While the cost of Knee Replacement Surgery may vary slightly from hospital to hospital in New Delhi, the costs can be bifurcated into two segments, the hospital package cost and the cost of the implants used.

The Hospital package costs depend on whether the person is getting a bilateral knee replacement (both knees) or a unilateral knee replacement (one knee). The hospital package includes all surgeon fees, doctor in-house visiting charges, Operating Theater charges, anesthesia charges, investigations, medication, food and beverage for the patient, and room charges for 7 days. The hospital package will usually exclude all expenses for stay beyond the intended period, additional procedures, use of special drugs and consumables, blood products, and complex lab investigations.

The hospital package for knee replacement surgery ranges depending on which room category the person opts for. Hospitals will usually categorize rooms into Deluxe, Single Room, Twin Sharing, and Economy.

The second cost component is the cost of the implants. The implant costs can vary depending on the type of implant used, the type of cement used to fixate the implant, and whether knee replacement surgery is for one knee or both knees.

In conclusion, many factors can impact the cost of knee replacement surgery. These are all guidelines to help you. Your surgeon will be able to give you a more detailed cost breakdown once the entire workup of the patient is done.