Dr Shekhar Shrivastav - knee Reaplacement Surgeron

Dr. Shekhar Srivastav

MBBS, MS (orthopaedics), AO Fellow(Austria)
Visitation Fellowship - TUM Munich ( Germany), Chicago( USA)
HOD – Delhi Institute of Trauma & Orthopaedics, Sant Parmanand Hospital

Dr. Shekhar Srivastav is One of the best and renowned Knee Joint Replacement, Shoulder Replacement, Reverse Shoulder Replacement and Arthoscopic ACL Reconstrction Surgeon in Delhi, India. He’s a senior Orthopedics Consultant & Head of the Orthopedics Department at DITO, Sant Parmanand Hospital.

Dr. Shekhar has excellence in Robotic Knee Replacement Surgery & Joint Replacement surgeries of Knee, Shoulder & Elbow Joint, Knee & Shoulder Arthroscopy and Arthoscopic ACL Reconstrction Surgery.

By Use of Cutting Edge Technology like Word's first Fully Active Robot (CUVIS) With Infrared Eye he has done more than 350+ Success Robotic Knee Replacements surgeries.

In the 26+ Years of Orthopaedic Surgery Career he has done more than 18,000+ successful orthopaedic surgeries (Total, Partial and Revision knee Replacement) with outstanding results.

Why Dr. Shekhar Srivastav - Excellent choice:

One of the pioneer Orthopaedic Surgeon in North India doing Robotic Knee Replacement Surgeries in Delhi, India.
Accomplished Knee Joint Replacement Surgeon With Outstanding Rate of Success.
26+ years of Orthopaedic Excellence & Experience.
Excellence in Complex and Unique Orthopaedic cases e.g. Partial and Revision Knee Joint Replacement.
Using Latest Sate of The Art Technology to deliver high precesion, safest and result oriented Orthopaedic/Joint Replacement Surgeries.
Use of Infection-less Environment for Safety of Patients.
Outstanding experienced support team of Orthopaedic Surgeons, Nursing & Resident Staff offering their services round the clock.
Complete personalised Care and Guidance of patients Pre-operation to Post-operation.
Precision & Care.
350+ Success Robotic Joint Replacement Surgeries
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Key Procedures

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First ever Robotic Knee Replacement Surgery in Odisha, Bhubaneswar
Knee Osteoarthritis And Robotic Knee Replacement Surgery
घुटने का ओस्टियो अर्थराइटिस, कारण एवं उपचार
संत परमानन्द अस्पताल का नया अस्पताल एवं ट्रामा सेंटर
Sant Parmanand Hospital Has Launched its New Orthopaedic Hospital
Know About Knee Arthritis By Dr Shekhar Srivastav

Happy Patients

Breakthrough Cases

Revision Knee Replacement Surgery

75 yrs old gentleman came with pain in left knee with difficulty in walking for the past 6 months. He had history of Total knee Replacement surgery done in 2005

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Reverse Total Shoulder Replacement

71 yrs old lady came with history of fall from stairs with sustained injury in her right shoulder. Her xray and CT Scan showed comminuted fracture dislocation right proximal humerus.

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Both Knees, Both Shoulders & Right Hip Replacement

Joint replacement surgeries can bring dramatic changes in the quality of life. With modern techniques, world class implants and better pain management techniques one can do these surgeries

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High Tibial Osteotomy (HTO)

HTO is an effective and biological treatment for the management of early medial compartment arthritis. It involves correcting the mechanical axis of the knee joint by doing osteotomy of Proximal Tibia. The advantages of this

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Fractures around Knee Joint

Fracture around knee joint are usually seen in young individuals following accidents. As knee is weight bearing joints, so any deficiency is managing these fractures properly can lead to pain

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International Patients


Under Guidence of Dr Shekhar Srivastav The Delhi Institute of Trauam & Orthopaedics at Sant Parmanand Hospital is global destination for intentional patients. We have outstanding Rate of Success in all orthopaedic procedures/treatment and providing quality healthcare services at affordable cost. We are using state-of-the-art world class technologies to deliver high precesion results. Read More

News & Events

Celebration of completing 300+ Robotic Knee Replacement Surgery
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Sant Parmanand Hospital | Holi Milan-2023
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Lady Hardinge Medical College & DOA Knee Arthroscopy Cadaveric ...
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Latest Health Blog

रोबोटिक्स: घुटना प्रत्यारोपण सर्जरी का भविष्य

आर्टिफिशियल इंटेलिजेंस (एआई) और ऑटोमेशन ने हर क्षेत्र में क्रांति ला दी है, स्वास्थ्य सेवा भी इससे अछूता नहीं रहा। नई दवाईयों के विकास, इम्प्लांट्स, रिकॉर्ड बेहतर रूप से रखने और नए नैदानिक ​​​​उपकरणों के विकास सहित प्रौद्योगिकी ने स्वास्थ्य सेवा को कई तरह से बदला है। इन नई-नई तकनीकों के विकास ने घुटना प्रत्यारोपण सर्जरी को बेहतर बनाने में बहुत महत्वपूर्ण भूमिका निभाई है।

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घुटने के आर्थराइटिस के बारे मे जाने

घुटने के आर्थराइटिस को लेकर कई प्रकार की भ्रांतियाँ है | अगर माता-पिता को आर्थराइटिस है तो बच्चे को भी हो सकता है, यह पूरी तरह से सच नहीं है | बहुत कम आर्थराइटिस हैं जो एक पीढ़ी से दूसरी पीढ़ी मे जाती है |
अधिकतर लोगों मे यह दैनिक जीवन की गतिविधिओं पर निर्भर करता है | किस प्रकार का रहन सहन है, क्या खाते हैं और कितना व्यायाम करते हैं आदि पर निर्भर है |

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What is a Total Knee Replacement?

Total Knee Replacement is an operation in which we do not remove the whole joint, only the damaged surface of thigh bone (femur) and shin bone (tibia) are shaved off. Often, underside of the kneecap (patella) is also removed and these surfaces are replaced with artificial parts…..

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Pain Control after Knee replacement

Knee replacement it is a very rewarding surgery in terms of pain relief and improving the functional ability of the patient suffering from knee arthritis. It can correct the deformities in the knees, Increase the walking ability of the patient an in turn helps in improving the overall health of the….

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Events of Patients Stay in Hospital for Knee Replacement Surgery

When you have made up your mind for knee replacement surgery, you will be admitted a day before surgery. Your surgeon anaesthetist, physician and physiotherapist will do a complete medical evaluation.
X-ray images will be taken of your…

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