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Welcome to knee replacement surgery in Delhi

1,000 Knee operations per year

My knees feel great now.
I can walk with ease and no pain

Knee Replacement Surgery has changed my life.
I am independent once again.

Dr. Shekhar Srivastav

Recent Publications

Dr.Shekhar Agarwal: Lectures & Publications

Dr.Shekhar regularly publishes, attends and speaks at international, national and regional conferences.

Selected International Meetings & Lectures:

Dr.Shekhar Agarwal and his team have published a Paper in the Journal of Arthroplasty, one of the most prestigious international journals for joint replacement surgery. Its publication also indicates the relevance of knee and hip replacement surgery in India. At Delhi Institute of Trauma & Orthopaedics, Sant Parmanand Hospital, Dr.Shekhar Agarwal and his team are committed to ensuring they remain at the forefront of joint replacement technology and surgical practices.
International Meetings & Lectures Location Date Attended
Regional Hip and knee meeting – “Leg length real and perceived (LLD)” Seoul , South Korea August 2010
3rd AO Asia- Pacific Expert’s Seminar – MIPO LCP Humerus Cases Singapore July 2009
Asia Pacific Meeting – “Periprosthetic Fracture of the Hip” Beijing,China May 2009
Hip Advisory Group Meeting Singapore Jan 2009
SICOT Meeting Hong Kong Aug 2008
AO Masters Course, Trauma Davos, Switzerland Dec 2007
Revision TKR, Revision THR management Options Singapore Nov 2007
Bone Defects in Revision TKR, Primary THR & Femoral Revision Bangkok, Thailand June 2007
Intelligence, Hip Surgery Course Hamburg, Germany Nov 2005
SICOT Istanbul, Turkey Aug 2005
Soft Tissue Release Singapore June 2005
Current Concepts Joint Replacement Las Vegas, USA ’01,’03,’05,’07,’10

Selected National Meetings & Lectures:

National Lectures Given Location Date Attended
AO Trauma Advance Course Mumbai Oct 2010
Primary Knee Course Jaipur July 2010
Revision Master Class New Delhi April 2010
Revision Total Hip Replacement Ahmedabad April 2010
Surgical Seminar on M/L Taper with Kinective New Delhi March 2010
Management of Bone defects in TKR Jammu Feb 2010
Fourth Joint Replacement State of Art Meeting – Hip and Knee Arthroplasty New Delhi Feb 2010
Live Surgery THR; Protrusio Hip; Mgt of Infection Jaipur Oct 2009
Periprosthetic Fracture of the hip & knee New Delhi Sept 2009
Periprothetic Fractures of the hip Chennai Aug 2009
ML Kinectiv Hip Jaipur June 2009

Selected Publications:

  1. “Immediate weight bearing in a cast brace following nailing in femoral shaft fractures”. Indian J. Orthopaedics 19:2, 1985, Agarwal, S., Potukuchi A.P., Dhaon B.K., and Das G.C.
  2. “Tendinitis and tendon ruptures in Renal Transplant Recipients”, March 1990 Clinical Orthopaedics and Related Research, 1990 March; (252):270-5 Agarwal, S., Owen, R.
  3. “Metastatic Chondrosarcoma of the brain-A Case Report”. Annals of Saudi Medicine Vol 12: 307-308, 1992 Ashraf Jallu, Imaduddin Kanaan, Shekhar Agarwal.
  4. “Brucellosis in a Bilateral Total Knee Replacement : Brief Report”. Clinical Orthopaedics and Related Research, 1991 Jun; (267): 179-81, Agarwal, S.,Kadhi, S.K. and Rooney, R.J.
  5. “Hydatid Bone Disease”. Report of 2 cases and review of Literature. Clinical Orthopaedics & Related Research. 1992 Jul; (280): 251-5, Agarwal S, Shah A, Kadhi SK, Rooney RJ.
  6. 6. Formalin Preserved Allogenic Bone Graft: Does it work”. Indian Journal of Orthopaedics , Vol 37: Number 4, October 2003. S Sinha , V Mittal, B Singh, S Agarwal .
  7. Inflatable Self Locking Intramedullary Nailing in the Management of Long Bone Diahpyseal Fractures”. Delhi Journal of Orthopaedics, Vol 3: Number 79, 2007.Amit Kumar, Shekhar Srivastav, Vivek Mittal, Shekhar Agarwal.
  8. Total Hip Arthroplasty Following Failed Fixation of Proximal Hip Fractures”. Indian Journal of Orthopaedics, Volume 42, Issue 3, Number279, July-September 2008. Shekhar Srivastav, Vivek Mittal, Shekhar Agarwal .
  9. Use of locking compression plates for long bone nonunions without removing existing intramedullary nail: review of literature and our experience. J Trauma. 2008 Aug;65(2):482-6. Nadkarni B, Srivastav S, Mittal V, Agarwal S.
  10. Private sector hospital response to 2003 dengue outbreak in Indian capital metropolis. American Journal of Infection Control 2004: 32:489-492. Arya SC, Rajagopal S, Agarwal N, Kaushik M, Maheshwari P, Agarwal S, Singh K, George S.
  11. Coxsackievirus A24 conjunctivitis outbreak in Indian Capital metropolis. Infectious Diseases in Clinical Practice 2004 ;12: 318-319. Khare S, Arya SC, Agarwal N, Dhull VK, Shah HK, Agarwal I, Jain P, Agarwal R, Anand R, Bajaj R, Lohia Y, Lal S, Agarwal S.
  12. Nosocomial infection: hospital infection surveillance and control. Journal of Hospital Infection 2004 ;58:242-243. Arya SC, Agarwal N, Agarwal S, George S, Singh K.
  13. Use of Polymerase chain reaction to diagnose tubercular arthritis from joint tissue and synovial fluid. Archives of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine 2004 ;128:1326-1327. Arya SC, Agarwal N, Agarwal S.
  14. Varicella vaccine failure in an elementary school outbreak in Minnesota. Journal of Infectious Diseases 2005; 191:318-319. Arya SC, Agarwal S, Agarwal N.
  15. 15. Straightforward representation of antimicrobial chemotherapeutics susceptibility profiles in a private tertiary care hospital. Journal of Infection 2005; 51:333-335. Arya SC, Agarwal N, Agarwal S.
  16. Nosocomial urinary tract infection. Saudi Medical Journal 2005; 26:162. Arya SC, Agarwal N, Agarwal S.
  17. Evaluation of oxacillin and cefoxitin disk diffusion test for routine detection of Staphylococcus aureus. Saudi Medical Journal 2005;26:2009-2010. Arya SC Mehta LK, Mathai G, Agarwal BK, Agarwal S
  18. Nitrofurantoin: an effective and ignored antimicrobial. International Journal of Antimicrobial Agents 2006; 27:354-356. Arya SC, Agarwal N, Agarwal S.
  19. Re: A laboratory-based, hospital-wide, electronic marker for nosocomial infection. American Journal of Clinical Pathology 2006; 125:951-955. Arya SC, Agarwal N, Agarwal S.
  20. Pilot study comparing Amoxicillin-clavulanic acid resistant profiles employing to different assay disks in 50 isolates from a tertiary care hospital in India.Current Therapeutics Research 2006; 67:151-156. Arya SC, Agarwal N, Agarwal S
  21. Evaluating broad-spectrum antimicrobials. Quarterly Journal of Medicine 2006; 99:718-719. Arya SC, Agarwal N, Agarwal S
  22. Re: Reduction of broad-spectrum antibiotic use with computerized decision support in intensive care unit. International Journal for Quality in Health Care2006; 18: 389. Arya SC, Agarwal N, Agarwal S.
  23. Surveillance of antimicrobial susceptibility of urinary pathogens in a tertiary care hospital. Singapore Medical journal 2007; 48:270-271. Arya SC, Agarwal N, Agarwal S.
  24. Use of cefepime for the treatment of infections caused by extended spectrum –β-lactamase-producing Klebsiella pneumoniae and Escherichia coli . Singapore medical Journal 2007; 48:600-601. Arya SC, Agarwal N, Solanki BS, Agarwal S.
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  27. Hospital acquired infection: Point prevalence or culture based surveillance. British Journal of Infection Control 2008;00-00. Arya SC, Agarwal N, Agarwal S

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