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Welcome to knee replacement surgery in Delhi

1,000 Knee operations per year

My knees feel great now.
I can walk with ease and no pain

Knee Replacement Surgery has changed my life.
I am independent once again.

Dr. Shekhar Srivastav

Do I need Knee Replacement

Knee Replacement surgery is an elective procedure, your doctor has more than likely treated your condition with physiotherapy, pain medicines, anti-inflammatory drugs, and injections in the knee. You may also have had minor surgeries of your joint in the past.

You would be considered for knee replacement surgery if ;

  1. You have daily pain
  2. Your pain is severe enough to restrict not only work and recreational activity, but also ordinary activities of daily living such as climbing up stairs.
  3. You have significant stiffness of the knee
  4. You have significant instability and constant giving away of your knee
  5. You have a deformity of the knee causing pain and inability to walk

Continuing life with all these disabilities is possible. However, your unstable joints may cause a fall and lead to fractures around the knees and hips because of osteoporotic bones. Regular consumption of pain medication and anti-inflammatory drugs may also damage your kidneys and cause ulcers in the stomach.

You and your doctor will be the best judge of when knee replacement surgery is best for you.