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Welcome to knee replacement surgery in Delhi

1,000 Knee operations per year

My knees feel great now.
I can walk with ease and no pain

Knee Replacement Surgery has changed my life.
I am independent once again.

Dr. Shekhar Srivastav

Benefits of knee replacement surgery

Once your new joint has completely healed, you will reap the benefits of knee replacement surgery.

These include:

  1. Dramatic reduction in joint pain. No pain at all is the best outcome.
  2. Increased movement and mobility
  3. Correction of any deformities
  4. Improved quality of life – the ability to return to normal activities
  5. Running, jumping, jogging or any other high impact activities are discouraged although one can resume playing golf, swimming, walking, bicycling and other low impact sports.

After total knee replacement using a conventional implant, a person should have a good range of motion which will allow him to walk comfortably however squatting is not advised at all. A person who has very good range of motion after knee replacement surgery may be allowed to sit cross legged but this would also depend if a high flexion implant was used for the surgery. Your surgeon will be able to guide you through what activities you should pursue.