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What is knee replacement surgery

Knee Replacement Surgery is an elective surgical procedure required for people who have significant pain in their knees as a result of arthritis of the knee. The knee joint, which is the most complex joint in the body, begins to erode due to arthritis. Osteoarthritis, the most common type of arthritis that can affect the knees begins as people enter middle age.


As seen in the diagram below, the knee joint can become severely damaged as the joint cartilage slowly wears away and the person continues to walk and bear weight on the joint.

Total knee replacement surgery involves a surgical operation in which a knee joint made out of special metal materials and inert plastic are inserted into the damaged parts of the knee very similarly to the way a tooth is capped. These components are highly specialized and designed to work in perfect synchrony with your knee.

By essentially replacing the knee joint with an artificial one, a person is given the chance to walk pain free without the use of medication and allow you to exercise, and carry on your daily lives which hitherto had been significantly reduced.