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My knees feel great now.
I can walk with ease and no pain


1,000 Knee operations per year


Knee Replacement Surgery has changed my life.
I am independent once again.


Dr. Shekhar Agarwal


Knee replacement is a life-changing decision that requires careful planning and consideration.

A person undergoing knee replacement surgery must take into account several factors. While the basic steps of knee replacement surgery are very similar, many factors depend of the patient’s medical history, the surgeon’s experience and preferences, as well as the type of knee implant used.

The person undergoing surgery must also ensure that he or she has support at home after surgery. A person who has undergone total knee replacement surgery will take several months to completely heal and will need assistance at home initially for even the basic activities. However, over time, and with good physiotherapy, the muscles around the knee will strengthen and the person will find that he can do things he or she never thought they could do.

It is a surgery that offers hope and concrete results for those living with chronic pain and disability.